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EverDoc 2019.3.54 Crack

EverDoc 5.01 Crack is a well-designed app that can store digital copies of all the documents you print, regardless of their format. Every time you print a document EverDoc will make an archived copy for you, so you will never misplace another document again. Ever.

Everdon has a modern styled interface and is easy enough to be navigated by users of all levels of expertise, without the need to go through pages of how-to guides. The main window displays any currently stored documents, letting you preview, edit or delete them in a few clicks. If you want to open them with the default software, you can.

To start adding files the app has a setup wizard that lets you select a printing device to save files from. This can be a network fax machine or a regular printer. You can also select the archiving folder or connect EverDoc to a Cloud account as it supports Dropbox, Google Drive, and SkyDrive. Everton also supports drag and drop, so you can add an entire folder if you need to.

In addition to adding files to EverDoc, you can add tags to your documents thereby enabling you to locate the files you need more easily. Also, you can filter files based on different criteria such as creation date, etc. Overall, Everton is a handy digital storage utility that is both useful and efficient. If you need to organize your digital media in an archive, then a utility such as this may be what you are looking for?

EverDoc 2019.3.54 Crack

What is EverDoc?

Automatic selection of graphics, videos, music files, text files, or complete directories. Select the files to back up, and a title for the backup job. The most common file types are already available in a pre-selection. You determine when an automatic backup should occur. Which can e.g. be a specific time interval or when Abelssoft Backup automatically detects when you connect a USB drive. Restore easily your backups if you need them. Choose which version of your backed up files you want to restore and go for it. Abelssoft Backup can create automatic backups from your system. For example, based on fixed time intervals.


  • Simple backup program without a complicated feature set
  • Clean interface that is not confusing
  • Create a new backup or open an existing backup
  • Automated backups that start every hour, day, week, month, or when the storage device is next connected to the computer
  • Emergency backup feature
  • Create one to one drive image backups
  • Separate password protection for each backup
  • Name each backup
  • Pre-select most common file types to ensure they don’t get left out of the backup process
  • Automatically select all pictures, music, and videos files for backup
  • Supports NTFS partitions
  • Supports USB drives
  • Fast backups at up to 90 MB’s per second


  • Perhaps has fewer features than corporations would look for, but ideal for personal users

EverDoc 2019.3.54 Crack

Key features include:

  • Selective backup: choose the files to save and a title for the backup. The most common file types can be selected from a predefined list.
  • Automation: choose the time, when an automatic backup should start, or Abelssoft Backup can start as soon as you connect your backup drive to your computer.
  • Password protection: you can protect your backups by using a password. By using a password nobody else can restore your data without knowing it.
  • Simple Restore: simply restore your backups when needed. Just choose a backup and a restore point, and your data will be restored within minutes.
  • Emergency Backup: Abelssoft Backup supports 1:1 drive images, which allow you to mirror everything, or a selection of your pictures, music files, and videos on NTFS formatted partitions.
  • Smart zero-click solution
  • connect storage medium, remove it and you’re done! The worry-free backup for everyone.
  • Reminder
  • The tool reminds you to remove your backup media from the cabinet and connect it to your PC.
  • Easy recovery
  • In the clear calendar view, you can choose with one click which backup you want to have restored.
  • Backup without worries
  • A logical pre-selection of the most important files makes a backup possible within seconds even without technical knowledge.

EverDoc 2019.3.54 Crack

Other Features:

  • Seamlessly configure backup options: Firstly, it is necessary to define the scope, namely the types of files to take into account the operation. You can select one or more partitions, music, videos or pictures, Microsoft Office files (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, Live Mail) along with Mozilla Thunderbird messages. It is also possible to include any custom files or folders, or files by format.
  • Secondly, you can define backup settings regarding the name, password protection, automated mode, and frequency, together with the storage location (local, removable, or network location).
  • Manage backup jobs, run full and incremental backups, restore files: Multiple tasks can be added to the manager, and you can execute any of them with one click. The software utility supports incremental backup mode, which means that after it creates a full backup, it will update it only by adding new files and not by replacing the existing ones (to reduce job duration).
  • When it comes to restoring a backup, you can either copy all files and folders, or just extract the ones you want. What’s more, you can select between multiple versions after consulting their timestamps, view properties (storage location, size, frequency, protection, last time, and date), as well as remove any of them from the list.
  • Evaluation and conclusion: No error dialogs were shown in our tests, and the application didn’t hang or crash. It executes backup jobs swiftly while remaining light on system resources. Taking into account its advanced settings intuitively organized in an easy-to-navigate wizard, Abelssoft Backup should be able to suit everyone’s tastes when it comes to quickly back up files without having to configure overly complicated options.

EverDoc 2019.3.54 Crack

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App Info:

  1. Title:EverDoc 5.01
  2. Filename: everdoc.exe
  3. File size: 54.97MB (57,637,640 bytes)
  4. Requirements: Windows (All Versions)
  5. Languages: Multiple languages
  6. License: Commercial Trial
  7. Date added: November 26, 2018
  8. Author: Abelssoft


Installed was completed without any difficulty. There is a required registration with an email address and a confirmation code that is included in the email sent to the user’s inbox which has to be entered into the software to unlock the trial period.

  • The software can install on Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, or 8.1. It requires the .NET Framework 4.0 or later.
  • There was no malicious software added during installation.